Wild Cat is a particularly special brothel because it is grandfathered to sit right next to the highway. As far as I know, it's the only brothel in Nevada that has such a privilege. Because of this, we have lots of traffic, and we're super easy to visit. Located almost exactly between Reno and Las Vegas, you just pull off Highway 95 right into our parking lot! So even though we're "rural " you're not driving miles away down dirt roads to find us.

As other people stated we are a small house, 3 girls at a time, but that's what makes the place so incredible. I literally call this place "home" and there's a reason why -- the new owner, Ron, has made it a home for both the girls and the folks who walk in the door. We don't have a lineup, nor do we need the silly "talk to a customer for ten minutes" rule. Instead, we all hang out and relax with the customers in our living room/bar area. A cozy couch and recliner to snuggle on, as well as a bar with reasonable prices --a couple bucks for beer $4-5 for mixed drinks. The owner, a former trucker, loves to tell stories to the customers and he has a true gift of gab! Folks also like the fact that we a non-smoking house, but the porch is just steps away for cigars and cigarettes and more stories!

We also are spending lots of time fancying up our VIP suite -- above the bed there is a huge mirror on the ceiling, as well as mirrors on the walls. I just had a two girl party with Phoenix in the VIP last night, and good god was it sexy to see ourselves in those mirrors! There's also a huge shower with two shower heads, and...a full sized hot tub in the room!! Rounding it out, we have a special little room inside the VIP with BDSM toys and a St Andrews cross.

And good to note, sitting next to the highway means that we love our truckers! We have free overnight parking for truckers (and RVs) in our giant lot, as well as free showers, free coffee, and free WiFi for any road weary traveler that passes by. Hospitality comes before business at the Wild Cat.

So at Wild Cat, we have an extremely creepy bondage CLOSET in our VIP. Yes, closet. It contains a St Andrews Cross and a bazillion BDSM toys. I think this is the best bondage "room" I've ever seen because it creates a completely submissive environment -- we can close you in a dark small space if you'd like, or you can simply feel super freaky tied up and straddled in a closet next to BDSM toys hanging all over the walls lol …Regarding prices, 3K seems over the top to me, unless you want a super specialty fancy pants pro domme bondage experience that is. Otherwise, get in my closet